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My Human Resources journey began in HR Operations working for CARE USA, an international non-profit organization headquartered in Atlanta, GA. As an HR Administrator and eventually HRIS Specialist, I got my first taste of working in the field that would become my life-long career and passion.

I was fascinated with HR technology, so after several years of service at CARE USA, I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to transition into HR software design and development. In my role as a product owner, I learned the aspects of Agile software product management, earned a few certifications and had the extraordinary opportunity to oversee the creation of new HR SaaS applications from product strategy development to rollout.

Afterwards, I moved into professional services and management where I managed SaaS resource assignments, projects and worked with Human Resources professionals across the country in a myriad of industries to configure and implement HR SaaS software solutions.

Next, I took the leap into entrepreneurialism, when my husband and I became the new owners of two Florida based flooring and countertop companies, Pino Tile and Napoli Granite & Marble. We merged the two companies into Pino Napoli Tile and Granite. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we recently ended business operations, but I am grateful to have had the opportunity to apply my HR knowledge and skills to such a challenging endeavor.

For three years, while my husband/business partner managed business operations, I had the amazing opportunity to build a Human Resources department from the ground up. In addition to managing a workforce of 30+ employees and all aspects of HR operations, I was able to implement some initiatives to support our organizational strategy including:

  • Developed organizational mission, vision and core values to support a service oriented and values based organizational culture
  • Created an orientation and onboarding program and conducted new employee training
  • Streamlined job descriptions, instituted consistent hiring practices and designed a tiered competency framework for all job positions
  • Planned, designed and managed comprehensive compensation and benefits program including vendor selection, enrollments, plan administration, and incentive-based pay and bonus plans
  • Designed employee recognition and rewards program
  • Implemented internal networking tools and surveys to increase employee engagement and morale
  • Managed the selection, implementation and administration of software applications and provided staff training and support (Comp-u-Floor, Ease Benefits/HR, Paychex Payroll, Paychex Time and Attendance, Office 365 Enterprise, Teams, Yammer and SharePoint)

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