Why Car Poetry?

Why do I write Car Poetry and how did I become “Car Poetry Girl”?

Well, it’s a pretty strange story actually. I was introduced to the car world via Top Gear (the Clarkson, Hammond & May one) and fell in love with a McLaren featured on the show. At the time, I didn’t even know what a “supercar” was, but I was hooked. I was impressed by the craftsmanship and innovation that goes into car making. I loved the interior design, the lines, the colors, everything!


When Clarkson, Hammond and May announced they were launching a car enthusiast platform, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. So I decided to combine my two passions, cars & writing and submitted my application to be a “Tribe Leader” as a Car Poetry writer. Not only was my submission accepted, but they made a video discussing it and I’ve been “Car Poetry Girl” ever since.

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