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    Creating a culture centered around collaboration and communication will pay off dividends in the future.

    There is no quick and easy way to build a culture. It takes time and effort, and everyone needs to be on board. EVERYONE. Determine who you are as an organization. What is your value proposition within the organization and to your external stakeholders? Create something your people can understand and get behind. Step 1: Drop the buzzwords and develop something real and it all starts with making sure the actions and words of your leadership team reflect your commitment to collaboration and communication. How is this done? Hands-on leadership development. It is dangerous to assume that everyone knows how to communicate effectively. So, train your people. Communicate expectations. Role…

  • Strategy

    Problem Solving + Initiative – The Dynamic Duo of Competencies

    Today I would like to discuss what I call the dynamic duo of competencies: problem solving and initiative. When these two particular competencies are combined, something magical happens. It reveals potential performance and/or development gaps that can pose a significant impact on the health and culture of an organization. I will explain my thinking by way of a simple scenario. Scenario: An employee recognizes they are experiencing difficulties performing their job duties. Employee Proficient in both Problem Solving & Initiative The employee researches professional development opportunities offered by the company or a 3rd party provider, gathers the information, meets with manager to discuss their knowledge gap and offers their recommendations of how…