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    The Purpose-Driven Journey

    My very first office job was at a small project management consulting firm in Atlanta, GA. The firm provided week-long in-person workshops to prepare project managers for the PMP certification exam. They had a team of 10 project managers who traveled across the country to deliver corporate training sessions, and I’d been hired as an Assistant/Receptionist. The best thing about this job was the down time. I immediately took to project management. I didn’t have the experience to qualify for the PMP, so I read the PMBOK instead. I loved helping the PMs edit training materials and would sit in on classes when they were held locally. They were all…

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    Embracing Fluidity: An Agile-Oriented Approach to Life

    I was first introduced to the concepts of “agile” in 2007 as a newbie in the product management world. A small recruiting software company in Florida had poached me from a competitor to help expand their product offerings with the addition of a new performance management solution. Seeing as how we were given less than a year to accomplish this, the company decided to pilot a new software development methodology with our team, agile (Scrum, specifically). So off to training we all went and got certified. We returned and for 8 months we worked together in a tiny room to make it happen. And it did… …just in time for…

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    Problem Solving requires Clarity

    I wrote this shortly after our first Florida relocation many years ago. —— Is there gum in your key? – post from 2009. My husband and I recently moved from Georgia to Florida. I was so excited at the prospect of warm weather and palm trees! Since we have two cars we decided to leave at different times. I would go first and take our puppy and he would come the next day. Unfortunately, I had to work on moving day and didn’t leave until that afternoon. I also thought it would be a good idea to invite my mom along for the ride and then fly her back the…