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    The Purpose-Driven Journey

    My very first office job was at a small project management consulting firm in Atlanta, GA. The firm provided week-long in-person workshops to prepare project managers for the PMP certification exam. They had a team of 10 project managers who traveled across the country to deliver corporate training sessions, and I’d been hired as an Assistant/Receptionist. The best thing about this job was the down time. I immediately took to project management. I didn’t have the experience to qualify for the PMP, so I read the PMBOK instead. I loved helping the PMs edit training materials and would sit in on classes when they were held locally. They were all…

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    The Empty Suit a.k.a. The Innovation Killer

    There’s a particular employee persona that in my belief poses one of the greatest threats to innovation. They are eloquent and persuasive but pay attention long enough and you’ll begin to notice a lack of depth or substance to anything they’re saying. Oftentimes being a “remix” of someone else’s idea wrapped in a buzzword sandwich. They are the smooth talkers whose delivery style is designed to mask the void of meaningful content. The Empty Suit Empty suits often excel in the art of buzzwords, appear easy-going, and can navigate organizational politics with superhero levels of adeptness. However, beneath this is a lack of knowledge, experiential insights, and often, any genuine…

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    Failure – The Best Teacher

    Today, I want to discuss my first and most significant failure and how it was the best-worst thing that could have happened to me professionally. Not to brag, but in general, I have always had a fairly high success rate with whatever I’ve chosen to pursue… Enter Pino Napoli. My husband always had a desire to own his own business and as his partner and wife, I have supported that decision. Prior to our marriage, we agreed to live as though we had only one income and save the rest for our business endeavors. For ten years, we visited businesses for sale across the country and considered franchises or real…